OEDM Trainers Needed

The Office of Education and Data Management (OEDM) is hiring two Trainers to work with our existing Fire and Building program offerings as well as with developing new programs. This position will assist with our Pre and Post credentialing programs and will be instrumental in helping to expand OEDM’s class offerings to meet the evolving needs of the code enforcement community.

If you are interested, please review the job posting below.


Membership Cards

Hello CBOA Members,

Happy New Year to all.

We are finally ready to undertake the processing and distribution of our new membership card program. Please provide us the following information so we may process your membership card:

1. Full Name:
2. LMS Number (if applicable):
3. Representing:
4. Self-Portrait:

Please e-mail this information using the following e-mail address cboa.ct@outlook.com We will have membership cards made available at each meeting for those members who respond. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.



LMS Credit Form for December Meeting

Please remember to complete and submit your LMS Credit form for those who attended the December Meeting. Credit will not be received unless this form is received, remember to just enter in your LMS number within the username field provided. The LMS credit form will remain up on the website until Friday January 5th for your use.

Thank You.

Edu. Grant Thank You Letter

Please see attached.

Public Acts for 2023

Please see attached information regarding PA 23-143 and PA 23-102

CT Code Chronicle

Please see attached published by Harwood Loomis, a big thank you for his efforts.

New On-Line registration Instructions

Please see attached and read over carefully.

Fire Alarm Clarification for R2 Units

Please see attached provided by Joseph Cassidy PE Consultant with assistance from MEA Engineering. A big thank you from CBOA for both of their efforts.

Helpful links to ICC

Dear members,

The 2022 Connecticut specific IRC Code books are now available for free viewing and for premium access on the ICC Website. The links below will take you direct to the CT specific versions of the IFC, IBC, and IRC respectively.

2021 IFC Portion of the 2022 CT State Building Code:

2021 IBC Portion of the 2022 CT State Building Code:

2021 IRC Portion of the 2022 CT State Building Code:

Best regards,

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