DCP New HIC Registration

Dear Connecticut Building Officials,

My name is Mike Elliott, and I am the director of the License Services Division at the CT Department of Consumer Protection. The reason for this email is to advise you of a new law that went effect on July 1, 2022, related to new home and home improvement contractors. Before this new law, contractors who completed home improvements and built new homes needed to hold 2 separate registration cards. In addition, the registrations renewed at different times of the year, and one was biennial and the other annual. This was difficult to coordinate for not only the registrant but for this Department as well.

Therefore, the new law changed the new home contractor registration to expire annually on March 31st. We will be moving all new home contractor registration to March 31st with this year’s renewal in September. The new law also allows all new home construction contractors to add home improvement services to their registration for a fee. Their new home contractor registration will be marked with Department authorization for home improvement. The contractor will not be issued a separate card for home improvement. Contractors can add home improvement services to their active new home contractor registration at any time.

What does this mean for building officials of this state? Contractors may be looking to pull permits in your town. These permits may be for new construction or for home improvement work. They will be presenting their new home construction contractor registration to you in each instance. A sample of what a new home construction contractor registration card looks like that has been authorized for home improvement work by this Department is attached. Also, we have updated our online verification website at eLicense Online (ct.gov) The verification will now identify all new home contractor who are authorized for home improvement (attached).

The new law also requires new home and home improvement contractors to submit initial and renewal applications online. Both contractor types are also required to hold no less than $20,000 of general liability insurance.

We do apologize for the tardiness in sending this advisement. We appreciate your partnership and diligence in this matter. Please advise me of any comments or questions you may have.


Mike Elliott
Director-License Services Division
CT Department of Consumer Protection

Sample New Home Construction Contractor Registration.pdf1.49 MB